Preventative Maintenance Contracts

Preventative Maintenance Contracts

What type of cover do you need? Here at KRK Service we recommend a typical program that incorporates your specific system requirement.

Why not go to our contact us page, fill out system detail and we will be pleased to contact you further and discuss coverage. Usually a follow up conversation can allow us to prepare a proposal.

Remember, Preventative maintenance contracts can provide you with the back up and continued reliability of you, the customer who has heavy test schedules.

We recommend that a typical contract include an annual tear down of the equipment followed by a full performance test in accordance with the manufacturers specification(s). During the equipment intervention damaged and worn parts will be replaced, ensuring trouble free operation following the works.

During these works controllers and associated equipment with the vibration system can be calibrated at one of our recommended and fully accredited calibration test houses.

Emergency call out cover is a recommended option based upon your requirements and taking into account history and typical system utilization. This will include site response within 48 hours of contact if needed. Also this can be ‘topped up' during the contract period if the included amounts of visits are likely to be exceeded. If the emergency cover fund is not used during the contract period KRK Service will roll over 80% of the remaining balance as an opening balance into a new contract for the ensuing year.

Fully documented reports are input into our database, which over time provide historical and statistical information for you on each system we maintain. KRK Service offers a typical two-year program with the first year incorporating a full tear down and the second year a system health check. This type of contract is for the light to medium use system and will ensure minimum down time thereby reducing costs.

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